Bioinformatics, Statistics and R for Next Generation Sequencing Data Analysis

11.12-15.12. 2017. | Biocentre, Zagreb, Croatia

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General Information

    Life science has become an increasingly quantitative discipline relaying on high-throughput methods for collecting genetic information. These methods are collectively named the next-generation sequencing technologies and their "trademark" is vast quantities of generated information. As such they require a specific set of skills in order to be analysed and interpreted properly.
    The aim of this course series is to fill the information gap between bench scientists, medical professionals and data they work with. To provide an overview of strategies, methods and best-practice guides for quick and professional analyses.

    The courses are limited to 15 participants and will be filled on a first-come first-serve basis, so we suggest to register early and secure your place at one or both courses. Participants who register for both courses get a discounted price: -10% and an additional -5% for any registration made before the 15th of November, 2017.

Positions filled !

Statistics & R

2 days

The course will provide participants with the essential statistical methods used in life sciences and medicine based upon, but not limited to R analytical framework

Day 1 (11.12.2017)
Day 2 (12.12.2017)
R - statistical framework
Statistical inference and distribution analsis (Shapiro-Wilks, Cullen-Fray, QQ, PP, Bootstrap)
R - reading and manipulating datasets
Statistical tests (parametric:t-test, Anova,etc. non-parametric:U-Test,H-Test,etc.)
R - exploratory and descriptive statistics
Data modeling and regression analysis
R - ggplot elementaries
PCA analysis

Bioinformatics & Next generation sequencing analysis

3 days

The course will provide participants with the hands-on approach to analysing high-throughput genomic data, starting with the initiall instrument output (DNA or RNA sequence) to relevant biological and medical knowledge.

Day 1 (13.12.2017) Day 2 (14.12.2017) Day 3 (15.12.2017)
Unix Command Line
Whole exome seq. & RNA-seq
Differential expression analysis
Linux pipelines
Genome assembly & ChIP-seq
Variant calling, Peak calling, Motif finding
Introduction to next generation sequencing
Expression estimation
Data visualization with IGV
Read quality report, trimming, filtering, mapping,
Normalization strategies
Data preparation for Genome Browser

Meet our team

Our team consists of highly skilled teachers, bioinformatic and computational biology experts

    Kristian Vlahovicek

    Kristian Vlahoviček


    Computational biologist, bioinformatics teacher, expert data analyst

    Filip Horvat

    Filip Horvat


    Computational biologist, data analyst, R programmer

    Robert Bakarić

    Robert Bakarić


    Bioinformartic expert, data analyst, scientific programmer, software developer.

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